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Bones Elevator

Feed Yard

Bones Feed yard started custom cattle feeding in 1984.  We have taken cattle at all ages and have been certified to feed in traditional and “drug-free” programs.  We were the first feed yard in South Dakota to receive certification to feed cattle to be shipped to the European Union.  We are currently a South Dakota Certified Program feed lot and approved with Ag Info Link to work with producers on their source verified cattle.  We are now back—grounding, breeding and feeding a number of the replacement heifers for the Turner County Dairy.

     We charge 30 cents per day yardage and bill out the feed at cost. 
     Our customers are billed once per month.

     Livestock and livestock feeding has been an integral part of the 
     Bones Ranch for generations.  Our ancestors knew how the
     livestock add value before “value added” became a popular buzz
     word.  Even though our current operation does not have the 
     Hereford sales as in the past, our cow herd is bigger now than
     anytime before. 

We have utilized a carefully scripted cross breeding program focusing on growth, fertility and carcass quality using the Hereford, Angus, and Simmental breeds.  Our 2008 calves were harvested in April of 2009 at 12-13 months of age.  They graded over 80% choice and less than 5% yield grade 4’s and over 40% of the steers and heifers qualified for the Certificated Angus Beef program. They traditionally gain over 3.5 #/head per day with dry matter feed conversions just under 6 # of feed/# of gain.  We try to market our raised cattle in same sort of source verified program to get the full value out of them.

15 years ago we started cross fencing our pastures and started practicing rotational grazing. We have increased our stocking rates 25% with no additional fertilization.


Bones Elevator Company handles the grain storage for Hexad Farms and the new Genesis Ethanol I plant.  There is over 350,000 bushels of storage in eleven different bins.  Bones Elevator also provides marketing opportunities for neighbors corn and can “feed bank” corn for our feed yard customers.  We sell Kruger seed, feed, salt, and mineral to neighboring cattlemen, as well as being a dealer for various livestock equipment manufacturers including Ritchie, ArtsWay and Common Sense Manufacturing.



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