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Welcome to our farm...

Managed, efficient and sustainable growth has been our focus in the last 15 years.  We wanted to be in a position to add to our land holdings but do it in a manner that was profitable.  Land rents and land prices have escalated to record levels in Turner County.  We have seen tracts of land close to us sell for over $4000 per acre and cash rents topping $200 per acre per year.  Our focus now is to add value or get more return out of bushel and every acre we farm/ranch rather than just operating more acres.  The Turner County Dairy and Genesis Ethanol are two examples of projects focused on that objective.

Our crop nutrient and protection needs are determined by consultations with independent agronomists and local retailers.  Annual soil samples are the base for calculating the amount of fertilizer, lime and other soil nutrients to ensure that we apply adequate but not excessive amounts.

We are an early adopter of technology if it makes us more efficient and more profitable.  Some of these technologies include GPS autosteer. mapping, biological pest control, no till/minimum tillage, variable rate fertilizing, Roundup Ready corn and soybeans.  In 2008 we added a Precision Planting 20/20 monitor to the corn planter.  This technology identifies, monitors and calculates the dollars of loss per acre on each misplaced seed of corn that goes through the planter. This allows us to identify by individual row which seed unit is not doing a perfect job of seed placement.   In 2009 we added the Tru Count row clutches to the corn planter which prevents overplanting by shutting off individual row units.  In one irregularly shaped field, we saved 5% of the seed we would have used in previous years.  With a bag of seed corn selling for $250, that is a significant savings.  This adaptation of technology has allowed us to double yields, farm 40% more acres, feed 50% more cattle,  reduce our dependence on outside contractors, and reduce our labor force by 75% in the last 30 years.  






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